Last update: 19.11.2016
There are three ferry connections from Germany to Trelleborg in Sweden. You can either take the ferry from Rostock or from Lübeck-Travemünde or from Sassnitz.

Only persons with an original, not-expired passport or ID-card according to EU-standard (with picture and name in Latin letters) are allowed to take the ferry. Children under 18 years who travel with their parents (mother or father,
other relatives are not accepted) do not need their own passport if the parents have a passport/ID card.

In the harbor of Trelleborg, the police will take you directly to the Swedish Migration Authority for registration.

You can contact volunteers in Rostock here: hrohilft@riseup.net and +49 163 27 14 345 and, between 9pm and 12am via this emergency number: +49 175 113542

In Lübeck you can go to Solizentrum, Willy-Brandt-Allee 11, 23552 Lübeck, a house for refugees organized by volunteers. There, you can get advice on transit to Scandinavia or on asylum in Germany, free food and temporary accommodation.

Contact: beratung@solizentrum.de or transit@fluechtlingsforum.de or +49 451 70984522 (Monday and Thursday 4 – 7 pm or answering machine)